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Get involved with
Fresh Start Refugee Assistance Center.

Volunteer Opportunities.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities with refugees in the DMV, please fill out the form below. FSRAC will contact you directly once your information is submitted.


Volunteer to host a donation drive, help sort through donations to create basic essential kits for children, women, and men, collect furniture, help with grocery runs, transportation/linguistics for doctor’s appointments.This also includes care packages for household items while individuals are housed at military bases.

Become a Fresh Start Neighbor!

Becoming a Fresh Start Neighbor will entail several hours/days of commitment to support our new arrivals' medium and long-term needs. You can make a lasting impact by volunteering your time to:


  • Helping with school registration

  • Furnishing a new home

  • Assisting with drivers education

  • Supporting job search efforts

  • Providing transportation

  • Connecting young adults to a mentor, being a mentor

  • Welcoming families into their new homes 

Host a Fundraiser or Sponsor a Family

Consider hosting a fundraising event to help us raise the vital funds we need to carry out our mission Actionable ways to make an impact. If you would like to help a family directly, please reach out to us using the form below.

  • Crowdfunding using GoFundMe fundraiser (ex. For birthdays

  • Direct sponsorship of a family (help pay or raise funds for daily expenses/school supplies/medical expenses) 

  • Hold a charity auction by sharing your talents (skills/talents, art work, personal design, etc) 

  • Peer-peer fundraising (walkathons/sporting activities such as “shoot-a-thon” for basketball or “bat-a-thon” for baseball or “goal-a-thon” for soccer)


Make an Impact.

The incoming refugees are our new neighbors and we want to ensure they have everything they need to thrive and contribute to our society as best as possible. Our goal is to give these families a warm welcome to their new home and our neighborhoods. Get involved!

How can you help?

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Image by Mohammad Rahmani

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Lend your voice

President Biden must support the most vulnerable in Afghanistan and lift refugee caps

Urge our elected leaders and the Biden Administration to provide refuge for Afghans fleeing violence 

Afghan Adjustment Act (AAA)

Please contact your congressional members and ask them to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act.

To the German government and the European Union: create safe passages from Afghanistan!

Pres. Biden and Congress: Ensure Afghan women’s rights alongside peace with the Taliban

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