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Welcoming refugees with respect & dignity, while providing them resources to thrive.



We treat all people with dignity and respect.


We value and promote diversity and offer open arms to all humans, regardless of race, religion and ethnicity. 


We provide new arrivals with the tools and resources to empower and promote independence. 

About Fresh Start Refugee Assistance Center

Our mission at Fresh Start (certified 501c3) is to aid in the resettlement of refugees and immigrant groups in the Washington DC metro and Southern California regions by providing home furnishings, resources, and opportunities that promote self-sufficiency.


Our Objective

We are a nonprofit that partners with local organizations, companies, and individual volunteers to assist in the resettlement of hundreds of federally approved refugees as they begin their new lives in the United States. 

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How can you help?

If you are interested in getting involved, there are many ways you can help. 

Take Action

Learn more about volunteer opportunities with refugees and other ways you can help.


We are constantly gathering resources to help aid individuals and family needs. 

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Lend your voice

President Biden must support the most vulnerable in Afghanistan and lift refugee caps

Urge our elected leaders and the Biden Administration to provide refuge for Afghans fleeing violence 

Afghan Adjustment Act (AAA)

Please contact your congressional members and ask them to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act.

To the German government and the European Union: create safe passages from Afghanistan!

Pres. Biden and Congress: Ensure Afghan women’s rights alongside peace with the Taliban

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